Seniors Education Program

The final years of schooling

Frankston Special Developmental School offers a Seniors Education Program specifically designed for children with significant developmental delay.

In their final years of schooling, students begin to focus on areas of specialisation related to the skills needed for their intended pathways beyond school.

At Frankston SDS the senior students engage with the Pathways program, specifically designed to assist students and families with the transition to post-school placement:

  • functional literacy
  • functional numeracy
  • independence in travel
  • daily living skills
  • recreation/leisure
  • and work skills
How to enroll your child at Frankston SDS

How to enroll your child at Frankston SDS

Enrolment at Frankston SDS is based on specific eligibility criteria. Should you wish to discuss eligibility please feel free to contact the school. We look forward to your call.