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To ensure the school community understands our school’s approach to first aid for students.


First aid for anaphylaxis and asthma are provided for in the school’s:

  •   Anaphylaxis Policy
  •   Asthma Policy


From time to time Frankston Special Developmental School (FSDS) staff might need to administer first aid to students at school or during school activities or camps.

Families should be aware that the goal of first aid is not to diagnose or treat a condition.


The principal will ensure that FSDS has sufficient staff with the appropriate levels of first aid training to meet the first aid needs of the school community. Trained first aid officers are listed on the OHS wall located in the staffroom and in the therapy room.

Primary first-aid officers are:  

  • Wendy Bice Trained 2017
  • Mary Davern Trained 2017

First aid kits

OH&S members will maintain first aid kits.

First aid kit locations:

  • Classrooms, one in the senior building, assistant principal’s office, therapy room, homecrafts room
  • Portable first aid kit/s to be used for excursions, camps, or yard duty are stored in the therapy room.
  • All buses

Care for ill students

Students who are unwell should not attend school.

If a student becomes unwell during the school day they may be directed to the therapy room and monitored by staff. Depending on the nature of their symptoms, staff may contact families or an emergency contact person to ask them to collect the student.

First aid management

If there is a situation or incident which occurs at school or a school activity which requires first aid to be administered to a student:

  • Staff trained in first aid will administer first aid in accordance with their training. In an emergency situation, other staff may assist in the administration of first aid within their level of competence.

  • In a medical emergency, staff may take emergency action and do not need to obtain family consent to do so. Staff may contact Triple Zero “000” for emergency medical services at any time.

  • Staff may also contact NURSE-ON-CALL (on 1300 60 60 24) in an emergency. NURSE-ON-CALL provides immediate, expert health advice from a registered nurse and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • If first aid is administered for a minor injury or condition, FSDS will complete a medical incident form to be sent home with the student. They may also notify parents/carers by phone.

  • Families will be called immediately when an injury occurs involving the head.

  • If first aid is administered for a serious injury or condition, or in an emergency situation, school staff will attempt to contact families or emergency contacts as soon as reasonably practical.

  • If staff providing first aid determine that an emergency response is not required but that medical advice is needed, school staff will ask families, or an emergency contact person, to collect the student and recommend that advice is sought from a medical practitioner.

  • Whenever first aid treatment has been administered to a student FSDS will:
    • o record the incident on CASES21
    • o if first aid was administered in a medical emergency, report the incident to the Department’s Security Services Unit on 03 9859 6266.

In accordance with guidance from the Department of Education and Training, analgesics, including paracetamol and aspirin, will not be stored at school or provided as a standard first aid treatments. This is because they can mask signs of serious illness or injury.

Links Policies: Anaphylaxis, Medication, Asthma, Health Care Needs, Duty of Care
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