School Policies


Students’ performance at school is enhanced and enriched when schools and families work together. Clear communication contributes significantly to the success of this partnership. The Frankston Special Developmental School community believes it is the responsibility of all to support a culture of open, informative communication for the benefit of students.


To create and maintain processes that ensure families are kept fully informed of all relevant events that occur at school, in a timely manner.


Frankston Special Developmental School will implement the following processes:

  • Maintenance of daily communication, reporting events of the day, (participation, successes, celebrations minor issues of concern) via communication systems such as Flexibuzz, email, iPad.

  • Provide SSG meetings and academic reports each semester

  • Distribute a school newsletter each fortnight via Flexibuzz

  • Authorise and monitor school-approved social media sites such as Facebook

  • Reporting of injuries:
    • Minor injuries (for example, trips and falls resulting in cuts grazes and bruises) will be reported via the FSDS minor injuries proforma detailing the nature of the injury and treatment given.
    • Injuries resulting from behaviours of concern will be reported by phone call to families, with a written report of the incident sent home.
    • Major injuries will be reported by phone call to a families with a written report of the occurrence on the CASES 21 proforma sent home.
    • All injuries to students will be reported to the Department of Education weekly via CASES 21.
  • Detailed recording of all Tier 3* incidents on Sentral using the STAR format (setting, trigger, action, response) with a copy sent home to families. A phone call will also accompany the report. Victim and perpetrator will remain anonymous in correspondence to families.

  • Reporting of Tier 2** behaviours via daily communication systems.

*Violence, aggression, sexually inappropriate behaviour that requires a high level of individualised intervention to manage
**Disrupting class, refusing to complete tasks, interfering with others

Evaluation: This policy will be evaluated as part of the FSDS three-year cycle

This Policy was ratified by school council on Feb 2018


How to enroll your child at Frankston SDS

How to enroll your child at Frankston SDS

Enrolment at Frankston SDS is based on specific eligibility criteria. Should you wish to discuss eligibility please feel free to contact the school. We look forward to your call.