Parent Testimonials

Our school has received some positive feedback from current and past families and students.

What an incredibly special night for our graduates. Thank you FSDS for a wonderful 15 years. You have helped make Phoebe the person she is today, and we could not be more grateful. We’ll miss you all so much next year. What an extraordinary community. 

Marita Hayes-Brown

Thanks to all the staff of Frankston SDS especially Jerome, Loretta and Marianne Young. Isabella so looks forward to seeing you all on morning circle 5 days a week. Starts her day off right every morning. 

Mel Kent

MeTV@home - one of the most important things to do at home while remote learning!! They love seeing the teachers hard work!! 

Melissa Carling

Fabulous work Anne and all Frankston SDS staff - you are amazing!  

Lisa Brickles-Wilde

Absolutely - the staff at FSDS have been phenomenal with their dedication and devotion to our kids. And to be honest out of all the schools (we have 3 in our house) the FSDS has been the most prepared and organised to help keep our kids in some kind of stability within all the instability. You all really need to pat yourselves on the back!! You're amazing!! 

Melissa Carling

We love watching the news report. It's great and you guys are amazing. Thank you for everything you are doing. Scott, Darcy's favourite part of the news report was about you crying. He said Aw Mum look at Scott. I said he misses you all and he said I miss him too.

Julie Fisher

Thanks, you people are legends. I say we hold a party for the teachers, workers at the school and for Scott Tucker when this is over

Kathryn Raff Owen
How to enroll your child at Frankston SDS

How to enroll your child at Frankston SDS

Enrolment at Frankston SDS is based on specific eligibility criteria. Should you wish to discuss eligibility please feel free to contact the school. We look forward to your call.